William Moyer

William Moyer was born in 1828 in Sandy Creek, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  His wife was born as Martha Williams in 1828, also in Pennsylvania.  They were married on April 25, 1850.  Their son, Joseph Watson, was born in Pennsylvania in 1851 and passed in 1860.  They moved to Gibson City in 1870 and William opened a grain elevator and started to buy and sell grain. He was the first commercial businessman in Gibson City.  The town grew and along with it, Mr. Moyer’s business grew.  At a point, he was considered the wealthiest man in Gibson City and was widely known throughout central Illinois as a philanthropist.  Over time he gave many donations when he saw a need for improvement.

Mrs. Moyer passed in 1888.  Rheumatism had worn William down to the point where he was unable to walk and take care of himself.  In 1893 he moved to Bloomington, IL and was able to live comfortably with some assistance.  Early in the winter of 1911, William gave $14,000 to the city to secure a lot and to build a library.  After suffering with Rheumatism for nearly 25 years and being confined to bed or a wheel chair, he passed on October 24, 1914.  His remains were taken to the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Caroline Smith, in Gibson City before being laid to rest at the Drummer Creek Township Cemetery.

Actor: Ken Brumley

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAKen Brumley is pleased to be participating in the first Drummer Township Cemetery Walk as Mr. William Moyer along with his wife Joann who will portray Martha Moyer. Ken received his MS in Industrial Technology from ISU and taught at Bloomington HS and Area Vocational Center until his retirement in 2000.  Joann spent over 35 years in Gibson City and they now reside in Bloomington with two spoiled rotten cats Frizzle & Joker.